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Investment theory has little value until history and practice put it to the ultimate test.  For more than 30 years, MVP has been producing returns for investors that surpass most key industry benchmarks.

Since our firm’s founding, Murphree Venture Partners’ principals have made almost 100 venture investments in a variety of industries. Based on a ten-year internal rate of return, net to investors, MVP occupies the top-quartile of venture-capital investment firms.


We have achieved this by being calculated risk takers but never gamblers. We invest alongside strong syndicate partners in businesses and industries we understand, and we focus on sectors in which our partners have expertise and prior experience. Finally, we invest close to home, in order to better underwrite and assist the management teams of our partners’ portfolio companies.

MVP’s syndicate partners are focused on operations; they are not financial engineers. Our side-by-side approach to working with them creates value for the MVP portfolio and is the cornerstone by which we evaluate and manage our investments.


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