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Murphree Venture Partners (MVP) seeks to create long-term value for our investors and the companies in which we invest. With a focus on energy, critical infrastructure, technology-enhanced business services and waste management, we invest in early-stage companies with $3 million to $30 million in revenue and a clear pathway to profitability.

Our culture of accountability and integrity is apparent in everything we do:

  • We value integrity above all else.
  • We have processes in place that assure our clients of full transparency so that there are never hidden mistakes, problems, or agendas.
  • We seek returns by focusing on sound investment principles, not by chasing fads.
MVP is a private partnership under the direction of its general partners. The firm is overseen by Dennis Murphree, who serves as managing general partner. Our investors are public and private institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.  Our offices are located in Houston and Austin, Texas, and Birmingham, Alabama.


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